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... Take the Edge Off with Reflexology

  • Session lasts between 45 minutes.
  • Book appointment for at least 1.5 hours after eating a big meal.
  • Wear comfortable loose fitting trousers to session.

                                    Accessible, Wholistic*, Relaxing

What to Expect

Our human sensory nervous system carries messages and at times a stress load that could benefit from focused relaxation. In receiving a reflexology session reflex points of the foot & lower leg are systematically stimulated with my hands, fingers and hot or cold (geothermal therapy) stones to “spark” your own nervous system – your core natural healing system – to calm, regulate and balance.

While unregulated Reflexology is well established with practitioners following slightly different lineages. As a life long learner I seek out many teachers and offer an integrated session based solely on you with knowledge woven from a variety of Advanced Masters: Helga Christine Petersen, Nico Pauly's Nerve Reflexology with Griet Rondel,, Science based Reflexology with Dr. Manzanares, and with well known duo Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen, I studied Spiritual & Hot Stone Reflexology with Deborah Ardell Hill, CA, and completed basic Foot Reflexology certification with the Ontario College of Reflexology, 2011..