Treating common Foot Conditions with science, education & experience
For optimal toenail & foot function

Toenail conditions & gnarly nails

Ingrown & painful nails


Dry, cracked, calluses & corns

Diabetic or Cardiac diseased


Stressed, Sore

Swollen, oedema


In need of restoration & harm reduction

For your feet to move on functionaly at their best




During an appointment you have an opportunity to slow down & focus on your lower limb & foot health.

This is an evidence based medical appointment which includes transfer of knowledge - helping you self manage.

Appointment may include a combination of: toenail, toe, forefoot, foot & lower limb assessment, foot wear fit, foot wear intervention, educative bio-mechanical assessment (range of motion of lower limb joints & identification of load issues), a restorative & preventative foot care treatment specifically designed to help restore and navigate solutions for functional whole health.

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