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Accessible, Responsive, Advanced Nursing Foot Care

WalkOn Foot Care services are provided at a scrupulosity clean, airy, bright and spacious private barrier free clinic & training center

For service in your community please contact.

At WalkOn clients have an opportunity to slow down and focus on their lower limb and foot health. Appointment may include a combination of: toenail, toe, forefoot, foot and lower limb assessment, foot wear fit, foot wear intervention, educative bio-mechanical assessment (range of motion of lower limb joints and identification of load issues), a restorative & preventative foot care treatment specifically designed to help restore and navigate solutions for whole health

Where Function meets Beauty - Treating Common Foot Conditions:

Nail conditions & Gnarly nails

Painful lower legs & feet

Dry & Cracked feet

Calluses & Corns

Diabetic or Cardiac Diseased




Ingrown Toenails


Post Chemotherapy

Pre or Postnatal

Stressed & Sore

In Need of Harm Reduction, Off Loading and/or Referral?

Learn how to make simple functional movements & technique changes that help your

lower limb & feet pump you to whole health

"Optimize foot health through preventative foot care and footwear interventions" 2022 Canadian Association of Wound Care